Five Ways to Increase Your Home’s Value for Less Than $100

You may think it takes hundreds or even thousands of dollars to make your homes seem like they cost more than they actually do. And though cost may equal value, here are five simple and easy ways to have it feel like a million bucks.


  1. Stick to a theme


A bit of research is key in trying to find the best design and inspiration ideas that bring out the best features of your home. While you can always check magazines or hunt the Internet for stylespirations, knowing your property and what you want to do with it will determine the best furniture to bring in. Coordinated pieces make it look like a professional had a hand in the decorating process. When you put a lot of thought into choosing the different style elements that compose the space, you not only end up with comfort but even luxury as well.


  1. Search for signs of deterioration


Nothing ruins a great wardrobe than holes in your shirt or runs in your stockings. That’s the same way with our homes. No matter how well your carpet matches the drapes, termite-infested walls and floors ruin the entire look, and that’s just one of the problems that a poorly-maintained area can suffer from. Preventing any of these issues from escalating will not only do wonders in terms of aesthetics but it can save you a bucketload of money in repairs.


  1. Create a cost-effective environment


Yes, you may be avoiding hefty costs through planning and prevention but if your home generates (and wastes) great amounts of energy in the process, then you’re still throwing cash away. Contact your local utility company and schedule a free energy audit to see if you are making wise choices in terms of the appliances you use. Opting for “greener” solutions is never the wrong way to go as it is always an advantage to have in every household.


  1. Seek advice from a professional


Just because an interior decorator’s full services could cost a fortune, there’s no reason to shy away from the wealth of knowledge that they have when it comes to maximizing just about any kind of space. Getting your home assessed by the experts will help you see its strengths and weaknesses, and they can even provide you with some great money-saving advice that’s tailor fit to your needs. Look for pro decorators whose standard hourly rate is $100 or less. This worthy investment will save you from having to make any damaging decisions in the future.


  1. Get a new coating


Sometimes, what can really jazz a place up is a good paint job. Nothing says old and unkempt than the peeling paint coming off your walls. Neutrals are a good way to go to make the area seem bigger and brighter. They’re also the easiest color palette to match. And, if you do it yourself, you won’t need to pay anyone for the labor.


Whether you’re preparing for a new place or you want to breathe new life into an old one, these five tips can help you get started without burning a hole in your pocket. They’re quick and easy suggestions that make you think why you haven’t tried any of them yet.