Five Luxurious Home Improvement Options for $750 and Up

If you have cash to burn, spending it on your home is a wise decision as any. For those of you who are hoping to get some cheap tips in sprucing your place up for less, then you’re at the wrong place. Now, if you think a $1000 investment is a small price to pay for quality and comfort, then read on.


  1. Upgrade your old appliances


While maintaining your 15 year old fridge in good working condition after all these years is laudable, it probably wasn’t designed to be energy efficient given that this innovation didn’t exist years before. Newer models tend to be crafted with the latest technology and features that old appliances simply can’t match up to. It would actually save you more money to patronize products with the Energy Star label that consumes 10-50% less energy than conventional appliances.


  1. Choose the tankless model


If you’re looking to buy a new water heater, better go for the tankless version. While old models tend to store around 50 gallons of hot water that is made readily available to you, it demands loads of energy while it’s operating. Tankless models aren’t like that. They are eco-friendly and cost-effective by way of only heating water when it needs to be used.


  1. Beautify your entrance


How your gates and front doors look create your home’s very first impression. These architectural components should create a certain picture in your guest’s mind of what’s waiting inside the threshold. On the outside, it says a lot about the kind of style you have, so scrimping out on it will only make you look cheap.


  1. Decorate your ceilings


We tend to neglect this one-sixth portion of our homes just because it’s out of reach, but if you take a look at hotels and other luxurious places, you’ll notice that ceilings are as much taken care of as the other areas of the space. They can be both decorative and functional and accent the very theme you’re going for. Beams and moldings can go a long way in making the upper section look more visually appealing.


  1. Get someone to do your landscaping


If splurge is the name of the game, then creating and maintaining an outdoor landscape can spell just that. A well-manicured lawn is one thing but trees, shrubs, and flower beds spell money because they take lots of money to maintain. Garden accessories like fountains and cobblestones not only brighten up your exterior but they are an attraction in their own right.


Luxury shouldn’t just be limited to the price tags on the furniture you buy, it should emanate from every corner of your home (and even out of it).  These five tips help seal the deal and take care of those details that other people can take for granted. Take a look around and see which area can do with a luxurious makeover. You’ll be surprised at just how accurate this list actually is. Enjoy!