Life on the Road

Jack Kerouac had a perfect idea although he may have executed it poorly. Life of on the road is no trip (pun intended). There is so much that goes into creating an atmosphere where creativity, freedom, and abundance is truly shared. For the past week, my family and I have been driving along the West Coast in our rented Winnebago. We have seen Big Sur, the Pacific Ocean, coyotes, and hundreds of Douglas Furs. It has been an extraordinary adventure and we couldn’t be more grateful.

My family has been sat in the back of the van watching television on the DVD players, while I have been daydreaming behind the wheel. I notice how quiet the roads can be when you’re truly feeling the asphalt beneath. Besides a few potholes and dead skunks on the side of the road, I have been mesmerized by the simplicity of the road. It doesn’t require anything from you. No doctors notes, no weekly analytic reports, and especially no back talk. It’s rejuvenating.

I remember the days I couldn’t get out of bed in the morning. I hid underneath the covers for what seemed like days, just to wake up and shower for another monotonous day behind a computer. I never stopped to listen to the road while I drove my Taurus to work. I hardly recognized anyone else on the road (except for the occasional driver who refuses to use turn signals). This trip has shown me so much and I am amazed.

I’ve been creating road trip games with the kids to keep them occupied away from the TV. We have played multiple rounds of the license plate game, iSpy, and Shuffle. As we make our way further up the coast, I contemplate what’s next. What adventure are we going to embark on in Washington? Are we going to be tourists and see all the coffee shops, or are we going to camp outdoors and visit local bookstores and play in the lakes. Only time will tell.

Until then.