How To Travel…Free!

Our dear friend Robert Clark, CPA in Key West, has helped us tremendously throughout our adventures. Having the proper tools necessary to travel for work has made our trips more enjoyable! Robert keeps track of our expenses and educates us on our tax benefits and rewards.

If you have ever considered traveling as an occupation, but have been too scared to try, here are some tips that we have learned throughout our new lifestyle.

  • Travel lightly. I know this might seem difficult because we want to over prepare and bring all the necessities. My family and I have found that are necessities are thin compared to the luggage we pack every trip. You will find what you need where you go. If not, there’s always DIY!
  • Educate yourself. Figure out the road maps, figure out the hole-in-the-wall restaurants and stores that will enlighten your trip.
  • Bring headphones. There’s nothing worse than having young children or talkative spouses while you want to drive and enjoy the road. Headphones are a clear signal that you need time alone…in your own space.
  • Collect mementos. The trip itself is an intrinsic reward. Collecting roadmaps, magnets, stamps from other states and countries is a great way to begin a collection in your own home.
  • Talk to people. Half the fun of a road trip (or any kind of trip) is to experience the culture including the people. Don’t seclude yourself while on your trip – get to know the locals and enjoy the fresh air!

We continue to learn more as we travel far and wide. If you are financially or fearfully strained, prepare ahead of time. Anyone can travel on a budget, but only few can travel with freedom.