Three Easy Ways to Make Your Homes More Eco-Friendly

Everyone’s pro-environment whether our actions say so or not. We agree with eco-warriors left and right but somehow we have a problem translating those beliefs into actions. And now that no place on Earth is immune to the fits of nature, we suddenly realize how important it is to do our part in making the world cleaner and greener. The best place to start that is within our own homes. Let’s take a look at these three simple ways in creating an eco-friendly dwelling place.


  1. Plant a tree in your yard

Not every home has a patch of land where we can put our green thumbs through the regular and relaxing art of gardening, but that shouldn’t stop us from placing plants in every available corner. While potted greens offer their own benefits, nothing can quite beat the advantage of having a full grown tree. For one, you get a free air detoxifier and, two, you just might have the opportunity to harvest your personally-grown fruits. Trees are an asset to have in today’s unpredictable climate where hot is hotter and wet is wetter. Just having them there cools your surroundings by at least 30% and prevents unwanted flooding, allowing you to save money and avert disaster at the same time.


  1. Repurpose your used water


We’ve all heard about the decline in the global water supply and, at a certain point, experienced this for ourselves. For those of us who have lived with a ready and abundant supply, we never really thought that it could run out until it finally does. Though we’re capable of enjoying easy access now, we can make a good impact on the environment just by recycling what we’ve already used. Having plants actually makes this task easier because repurposed water can be used to hydrate and fertilize them. You don’t need a complicated system to achieve this but it does take discipline to keep water from flowing down the drain without having been maximized to the fullest extent.


  1. Reduce and recycle your trash


Plastic is one of the biggest hazards and contributors to global warming, and before it pollutes the outside, it usually came from inside someone’s home. Unless we change our spending habits and opt for products that generate less non-biodegradable waste, then we’re leading various calamities into our doorstep. We’ve been taught to segregate trash as early as our childhood years but if we don’t stop taking it for granted, its impact on the planet will backfire on all of us eventually. Going back to basics and actually applying the concepts of reducing and recycling to our day to day will not only lessen our carbon footprint but actually create a better and more conducive environment to live in.


If you haven’t started with three eco-friendly, home improvement techniques yet, then you’re not ready to handle the big guns. These three ways are as simple as they can be yet their value gets overlooked time and time again. If we don’t start taking responsibility for our actions, then no matter how good our houses look on the inside, the environment around us will take a greater turn for the worst. Have questions? Check out my contact form.