Welcome to Our Home!

Welcome to my home lifestyle blog! If you’re wondering who I am, my name is Jarod and I began this website to document my adventures and experiences within my passion: home lifestyle. Now before you ask how this blog is different than other branded content, hold on. I’ll tell you.

My family and I have traveled the United States (and soon the U.K.) documenting through photography and journal the differing lifestyles of many homeowners. We began this adventure on a flim, but now it’s become an interesting aspect of our lives. I have always been enthusiastic about different styles and ages of homes – once living in a 1865 Victorian Mansion for a few years. It was awesome to say the least!

This blog will include my family’s adventures traveling around the globe while also providing our readers with the best-kept secrets of home furnishings, remodeling, and design. If you’re still reading this and are interested in what we do, contact us here and we will get in touch!